eMalhar.com is a marketplace for artists, artisans and women entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their products. eMalhar.com is a social enterprise. Our services are completely free for artists artisans and women entrepreneurs. We don’t charge any fees or commissions.
Good question. Everywhere in the world, artists and artists are not getting a fair price for their products. There are many middle men involved before the product gets to the buyers. We are on a mission to eliminate the middlemen ...or at least reduce the involvement of the middlemen and ensure a fair-trade for the seller.
Emalhar.com is a marketplace where you don’t need to pay any fees or commissions. So think about this, you are not paying anything to setup your store or manage the technology. Setup you store in few steps and start selling.
Selling through these sites is expensive. They take 20-30% of the sales as commission. eMalhar is absolutely free for qualified sellers.
You can. As long as you are ready to spend money for the store and its services you can do it. Then setting up a store is not everything. You have to do marketing to get your buyers. At emalhar.com, it is like opening a store in a busy marketplace. No need to spend lot of money for marketing as you do for your own individual store.
Facebook offers limited capabilities for sales. It’s important to remember that millions of people using Facebook does not mean millions of people seeing your page and your updates. Your fans will see what you post to Facebook, but not all of your fans will get all of your posts on their newsfeed. You’ll still have to work hard to gain an audience, just as you would with a website or blog. If you want to have more say in your branding, your content, and your priorities; use Facebook as part of your online strategy, but not your only tool.
Yes, you get your own store, where you can upload your products, set your selling price or discounts, set your shipping, payment and return terms.
It’s very easy to set the store in emalhar.com. If you know how to use email or Facebook, you will not find it difficult to use eMalhar.com for your store.
You are responsible for shipping. Please make sure that you have a clear shipping policy listed on your store and always follow your shipping policy.
Give information on estimated shipping times. If you have already done a lot of shipping you will have a good idea of how long a package takes to arrive in certain parts of India. If you have not done much shipping yet, ask at your post office or courier company, and then add a few days to their estimated times. Packages almost always take longer to arrive than the shipping company says they will. Describe how your items are packaged: Do you gift wrap? Are your items sent in boxes? Do you include a certificate of authenticity? If you use recycled packaging write that in here too, our buyers love sellers who do this. Tell your buyers which shipping company you use. Additionally, if you don’t have a product in stock and it is made to order, specify that. For example, if a product takes 3 days to make, 1 day for packing etc., say the processing time is 4 days. Then once you handover the package to the company, if they take 5 days to deliver the package to your customer, say Shipping time is 5 days.
Yes, you need to have a clear return policy listed on your store and you must follow it. Emalhar.com may terminate your store, if we receive too many complaints about your products, shipping or return policies.
If you don't want to do refunds and exchanges then put it politely. Something like "I'm sorry but at this time we cannot accept refunds or exchanges. This much better than saying, "No exchanges or refunds accepted" If you are going to offer refunds and/or exchanges then specify your terms and conditions. How long after receiving an item can people ask you for an exchange or refund? Will you refund only the cost of the item or the shipping as well? If a buyer returns an item to you who is responsible for the return postal costs? Please specify everything ...this will help to avoid any issues with the customer later.
Payment is through secure payment system by credit card set up by eMalhar.com. If a buyer pays the seller through the secure payment gateway system set up by eMalhar.com, the payment will be collected by emalhar or its associate and the payment will be transferred to the sellers account once the product is shipped. Note: Amount transferred to the sellers account (for the secure payment system set up by eMalhar.com) = Total amount of the order – Bank/Transaction charges/GST. Currently, the transaction fee is 3.5%.
Your store may need approval. We review each store and contact you to confirm that your details are correct, before approving your store. Please be patient.
A Community seller is someone who collects/curate and sell the products created by others. In order to become a community seller, you have to make sure that you are paying the producer a fair purchase price. A Community Seller will be charged about 5-10% of the sale value. This % may vary based on the type of products you are selling. Please contact us for details. No setup fee or monthly fee will be charged, All other terms remain the same as the regular seller in eMalhar.
email us: hello@eMalhar.com

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