As a buyer it will help you in 2 ways. Since the product is coming to you through a fair-trade channel, you get better price for the product and when you buy from, you can ensure that the entire money is reaching the seller. We are not collecting any money from the producer. No fees, no commissions! Additionally, you are actually helping a person in need, when you buy from
All the transactions are between you and the seller. Seller is responsible for the shipping.
Depends on your seller. Some sellers ship outside India. Please check your sellers shipping policy.
Please read the return policy of your seller, before you buy a product from them. Seller is responsible for managing the return as per their return policy.
If you have an issue with a seller or their product, please always contact them to resolve it. You can also send us an email at and we will bring that to the attention of the seller. If we get many such complaints we might terminate their store. However all the claims made by you must be addressed to the seller and will be managed directly between you and the seller without any intervention from
Depends on your seller. Each seller has their right to choose the payment method they like. Remember, all transactions are between you and the seller. We don’t manage your payment.
Please email us at

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